Reviews us:
Ann Marie D.
Augusta, GA
TL Nails may cause me to break up with Paris Nails. I haven't been loving Paris for a while, but was stuck in a rut of "Where should I go?" Until someone told me they really like TL Nails. I popped in after 10AM on a Monday and it was quiet. Business was steady while I was there, for over 90 minutes. It had been 3-4 weeks since my last SNS manicure and my nails and cuticles needed some serious attention. Paris has gotten really bad about trimming my cuticles which grow REALLY fast. The poor guy had his work cut out for him. He took a lot of time and got them looking great.
I like the SNS polish colors better at TL as well. They have them in a book, rather than only on those plastic cards, which was really nice. Staff was great, prices the same as all other local nail places, and I didn't have to wait!!! I will be back.
AJennifer Cobb
Johnny is my favorite, I've been going to him for at least 4 years! This nail salon is wonderful, the staff is great!!!
Minika Curry
Johnny is real nice and he does a Fantastic Job!!! He Has a very nice spirit as well y’all come on out to TL Nails and show him some support� #teamJohnny
Jazmyne N. Smith
Yesssss! My boo Johnny got me right. I absolutely love my nails. He’s just so amazing all around. Creative and professional ���
Seanteeria Leverett
I literally LOVVVVEEEE my nails! My new nail tech Jonny did an amazing job! �
Debbie Rivera
Johnny is awesomeeeee!!! My new favorite nail spot! :)
Ayiesha Mykia
Came through town on a visit. Johnny serviced me he was amazing ! Patient and kind ! He did amazing job on my nails! He has a customer for life. Shop is newly renovated looks elegant and modern !!
Courtney Henderson
I've been going here for 2 yrs and customer service was always great. My pedicure was on point but the nail tech was defensive. Really upset when I mentioned Lisa a former employee who was really great at her job. I always tip but his tone cost me not to tip and look for another nail salon. I hope the customer service improves.
Bao Ethanx Nguyen
Beatrice Yaroslavtsev Ureña
This place is amazing, beautiful , such a relaxing spot plus the workers are so nice and welcoming, they always ask for boyfriends lol I tell them I have just one hahaha I love it, they do a great job.
Donna Pennington
Totally wonderful place! Very professional very friendly and very clean! I would highly recommend TL Nails to everyone!!
Latasha N. Louis
I � Johnny!!! He did an awesome job with my gel polish manicure... & was beyond entertaining.
Ty'Yanna Milledge
Keke Johnson
Tay Tillman
Johnny does amazing nails! He’s down to earth but he loves doing nails. You won’t regret it.
Alexis Kurtrel
Andrew...johnny..and phebe does an amazing job..go see them they're the best with great customer service��
Dai Graham
Tl nails always delivers the best quality and never seems to disappoint me. They’ll so friendly and make you feel comfortable and right at home. Johnny ho always does my nails and when i say he is the funniest nail tech I’ve ever had I’m always looking forward to a good time with him. He takes time on his work and makes sure his costumers are always satisfied.. you can really tell he love what he does and I’ve been looking for a nail tech that doesn’t rush and takes there time cause if I’m gong to spend money i atleast want my money’s worth lol. Overall tl nails is a great nail studio with exceptional customer service and you will not be disappointed.�
Tasha Marie
This is the only nail salon that I'll go to and Johnny is my favorite. He gives great customer service and the quality of his work is amazing.
LeChay Williams
Kysha Nicole
Candy Nguyen

Your nail salon looks so beautiful, you should upload more to advertise, people would love it ;)
Jessica Lee Hawkins

I’ve loved this place ever since they opened!! They are amazing and super sweet!!! Andrew is amazing and Kathy is so sweet!! I love them!
Tiffani Teen-Blair

Professional & Clean. These nail techs know their stuff ��� All are great. They accept walk ins but I recommend booking appointment, it can get busy as expected since they are the best in the city.
Lauressa R

After relocating from Hawaii it took me awhile to find a quality nail salon. TL Nails is professional and consistent with nail care. Andrew always does my nails the way I want them!